Coming out of hibernation…

Hello, everyone.

I’m Jack – a new member of the group – and I’ll be helping maintain the blog this year =)

We’ve been very busy over the winter, and I hope to bring us up to date on events since our last post, while also posting about our recent and upcoming events. Chronological order is for the weak, however, so we’ll start with last week, and go forwards (and backwards) from there.

Willow planting!

With the kind support of Mel from Out To Learn Willow we have established cuttings of a variety of craft willows in different colours, to be cut next winter for a small Christmas craft session, and due to produce larger crops in years to come.

Mel has also inspired us to look into the possibility of establishing some willow sculptures on the hill as part of our plan to push a new trail of artworks around Kilvey. Did you know it has been nineteen years since the original sculpture trail was established?

IMG_4338Still plenty to plant – did you know you can keep willow cuttings fresh for a few weeks in the refrigerator, or even freeze them to preserve them for planting later?
IMG_4341Small beginnings. We should see remarkable growth from these little stems by next winter.